We spend half of our life to make a good living through our careers. It has become a necessity to have a good career. However, in making a career sometimes we make wrong decisions which can lead us to life-troubling situations. In some scenarios, we might even lose our jobs.

Hard work should always pay off but for some people, it does not work. People spend hours to achieve their career goals or do overtime to get a promotion but in the end, all they get are repercussions.

So what could be the reason for this failure? As per our future point astrologers, the tenth house of the Kundli derives aspects of the job and business of the native. It also indicates the Karma of the native whether a person's deeds are good or bad.

Other than the tenth house a person’s career also depends on the lord of the tenth house. If the Kundli beholds a malefic planet in your 10th house then you might face obstacles in your job, business, or in your professional career.

But if the 10th house is occupied by a benefic planet then you may not face hurdles in getting a promotion or career growth. However, occupational opportunities not only depend on the 10th house in case of growth.

Other planets like Sun, Mercury, Mars and Jupiter also play an important role in the native's career growth. The planet sitting in the native’s tenth house provides or withholds career opportunities but other planetary positions are equally important to have a hustle-free career.

The leading aspects of goals and achievements depend on the position of the Sun. On the other hand, Mars inspires a person to accomplish their desired goals. Mercury blesses a person with knowledge and intelligence for faster career growth. Whereas Jupiter brings bigger opportunities to the native.

The presence of all these planets in the right place rewards a person in their respective career growth with immense opportunities and success.

However, if any of these planets are in a malefic position then one might face hurdles in their job and business career. They might see demotion in their post, salary cut, termination, and even getting fired for no reason.

If you’re facing such problems then you can consult our astrologer or can also perform some well-studied astrological remedies to achieve your desired career goals.

Astrological Remedies for Career Growth

 Worship Lord Sun - Every morning fill a copper vessel with water and a few jaggeries in it. Now offer this to Surya Dev within 1 hour of sunrise. Lord Surya will bless you with knowledge and intelligence for career growth. Performing this will also remove the obstacles from your professional life.

Feed the crows - Lord Shani plays an important role in one’s career opportunities. If you want his blessing you must feed black crows with boiled rice. Crows are vehicles of Shani Dev which is why feeding them will help you to grow your business.

Worship Lord Hanuman - Sankat Mochan Hanuman can remove all the obstacles from your life. Praising lord hanuman will not only bring prosperity to your business or career but also strengthen you in your everyday life. On every day or especially on Tuesday visit your nearby Hanuman temple and recite Hanuman Chalisa in front of his figurine.

Worship Lord Shiva- Worshiping Bhagwan Shiv also blesses us with Maa Lakshmi. So if you’re looking for a job promotion then praising lord Shiva is a must. To impress him one should offer water to shiv linga every day. Rudra Abhishek with milk helps you get a job promotion quicker.

Chant Lakshmi Narayan Mantra - Lakshami Narayana help to remove the obstacles coming your way to getting a promotion or good profits in your business. To get his blessings you should visit a temple on five consecutive Thursdays and donate yellow or white sweets to the brahmins.

Chanting Lord Ganesha - The Vighna Vinashak means the destroyer of hurdles. Reciting Lord Ganesha’s Beej Mantra “Om Gam Ganpataye Namaha '' will not only remove the obstacles from your job or business but also help you to feel positive vibes in your life.

Feed Grains to Birds - To get desired results in your professional career astrologers suggest feeding the birds with grains or providing them with drinking water. You can put a pot outside your home and feed the birds every morning. Mix any seven dals or grains with water and put them in the clay bowl.

Worship Lord Vishnu - Looking for a new job? Lord Vishnu might help you get one. Worshiping him every Thursday fulfills the wishes of the devotee. To get a new job or promotion you should visit a Vishnu temple and offer banana trees, yellow sweets, clothes, and food the needful.

Chant Gayatri Mantra - For a brighter career one should always chant Gayatri Mantra 108 times every day. Start reciting the mantra “Om, Om, Om, Om, Om bhur bhuvaha svaha, Tat savitur varenyam, Bhargo devasya dhimahi, Dhiyo yo nah prachodayat” for success and fame in your career.

Feed fish - It is believed that fishes take all the hurdles and suffering of the person who feeds them. In many cultures, people feed wheat balls to fish for bright career and job opportunities.

Lemon Sorcery - If you are going on a job interview then encircle the lemon 7 times around your head. Carry the lemon in your bag or pocket to the interview and in the evening pour the lemon into running water in a lake, pond, or river.

Try these remedies for a few weeks to get desired results in your career. However, if you still face problems in your professional life regarding late promotions, salary cuts, fewer opportunities, getting fired, office politics etc. then you should talk to astrologer and see what your Kundli holds for you. You can also get your career report 2023 from our experts.

They will guide you to understand the upcoming opportunities in your career. You will also learn which career path will be better for you, Job or Business. This will immensely help you to recognize why you are failing in your career and how you can fix it and achieve your desired goals.